Recent Finds: Christmas in September edition

It’s been a bit rainy so far this weekend but I managed to make it to a wonderful estate sale and a few yard sales.

The estate sale I went to had a whole room in the basement full of Christmas things (which I never would have found if my mom hadn’t pointed me in that direction). The few things I bought were quite well hidden, tucked under shelves in a dark corner. I bought a box of old Christmas lights, including a strand of bubble lights. I’ve always been interested in bubble lights but this is my first time finding them.

I also found an entire box of putz houses! That’s right, an entire village, complete with snow. Again, it was hiding in a box, in a dark corner. Some of the putz houses will need some fixing up before I can list them, but I should have plenty of time to get them listed before the holiday season is in full swing.

img_8003Collection of vintage putz houses complete putz house villageCollection of vintage putz houses complete putz house village



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