Recent Finds: all clothing edition


I haven’t had a whole lot of luck at yard sales lately and it’s getting close to the end of yard sale season. I’d just about given up for the year. I wasn’t even looking for yard sales today but found two fabulous ones today while running errands. It was such a successful trip that I had to run to the ATM twice to buy all the amazing things I found.

My favorite is this wool Bobbie Brooks 2 piece dress. The top laces up the front and is paired with a cute button front skirt. I can just imagine how groovy it looked when originally worn.

I love mod 60’s fashion and was excited to find several shift dresses. I love the simple design and silhouette. And the thick polyester knit would certainly keep you warm on an early fall outing.

Vintage 60's shift dresses


I found something today I don’t think I’ve ever seen before: vintage uniform dresses. This vintage uniform dress, made by Angelica is made from a thin, crisp polyester. It has some lovely tuck detailing, small pocket and holes sewn under the arms. I’d be interested to learn what profession this lovely yet functional dress was designed for.




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