Recent Finds: kitsch-a-palooza

Last weekend I went to the estate sale of the year! It rained most of the day and was just cold enough to make standing outside for hours pretty uncomfortable. The sale had so much good stuff I had to really try not to buy more than I could get home. It always seems that the best estate sales are an hour + away, making buying more than a car load impossible. Still I stayed and bid all day and ended up winning everything I wanted to buy (and even more groovy random finds).

The first thing I saw walking up to the sale was an amazing collection of vintage lamps. I’ve been wanting to find some with original fiberglass shades for a long time. Not only did I find a stunning pair of those, but also found a super kitschy chalkware lamp with venetian shade, retro beehive lamp and a bakelite art deco lamp.

vintage lamps fiberglass venetian chalkware beehive bakelite

I usually keep all the lamps I have for sale on my dresser until they sell. My dresser is getting mighty crowded after last weekend!


Another quite groovy thing I found was this vintage picnic set. It’s made of a bright yellow plastic and all manages to fit in this cute little carrying case. It doesn’t look like its ever been used!

I haven’t been finding as much jewelry lately but found some really cute pieces at this sale.


My biggest find was fabric. The sale had box after box after box of vintage fabric of all types. I’m particularly attracted to unique retro prints and bold colors. I bought around 60 pieces of vintage fabric and still haven’t gotten to sort it all.




1 thought on “Recent Finds: kitsch-a-palooza

  1. Sweet finds! I was at an estate sale a few weeks ago and I had an armload full of stuff by the time I got to the walk-up attic. A woman told me that everything was going to be half price at 1 p.m. I was about noon, so we sort of hid in the attic until the prices were slashed.


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