Finders Keepers: Best of 2016

Here’s a look back at some of the best things I found in 2016 and decided to keep for myself. I spend so much time out sourcing that most of the things in my house came from yards sales and estate auctions. I’m constantly surprised by the unique and interesting things I’m able to buy because someone else no longer needed them.

1) This antique woven coverlet has to be the best find of 2016. I saw one sell at auction early in the year and knew just how much they were worth because of that. I never dreamed I’d find one in the wild. A few weeks later at a rummage sale I came across one thrown in with other linens and blankets! I thought for sure it was a reproduction when I bought it but only realized it was antique when I unfolded it at home and looked it over. It looks great on my bed and matches the bedroom but I’m afraid to really use it. Someday I’m going to find a good way to display it that also keeps it in good shape.


2) Another great blanket score happened over the summer when I went to an estate sale and found FOUR big fluffy chenille blankets. I kept this one for myself, sold two and still have one set aside. It makes my bed look like a birthday cake with ample icing and compliments my cat quite well.

vintage chenille blanket

vintage chenille blanket and cat

3) This vintage Polaroid land camera was another great yard sale find. The people I bought it from didn’t know what it was and neither did I. All folded up it just looked like a chrome and leather box. I bought it out of curiosity and only after doing some research realized what it did. I wanted badly to get it up and going but ended up letting my SO sell it after I couldn’t get it to work.

vintage polaroid land camera

4) This vintage Nagel print (featuring the kitschy vintage nursery wallpaper in my office) was an estate sale find. His aesthetic is so iconic and reminds me a lot of what was in style when I was growing up. I knew for sure I needed a print for my office to go with my other multi decade decor.


5) Two might be my limit for old CRT TVs, but I gladly reached that limit this year. I found one early in the year at an estate sale that was the same age as me. I took it home and hooked my NES emulator to it to play games. When I found the cute red portable one at a yard sale and realized it was the same age as my SO I had to buy it too. I haven’t quite found a use for the second one but it’s small and looks cool on my bookshelf.



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