Recent Finds: Ice Storm Edition

Last Thursday I went to an estate sale and a few thrift stores with my mom. We left in the morning when it was breezy and a nice warm 68 degrees outside. As we were walking into our second thrift store the winds suddenly changed and started blowing cool air. During the hour long drive home the temperature dropped 20 degrees and ice was forming my morning. Luckily I found a few good things to list to keep me busy on that icy day.


I love vintage chalkware and thought these had such an iconic mid century look I just couldn’t pass them up. I think they’d look really cool in a red 50’s kitchen.


I love old bakelite and have a habit of buying bakelite items even if I don’t know what they are. This CDR rotor had such a cool art deco look to it I thought it could be used for decoration alone.


And of course I always have an eye out for unique vintage jewelry.


vintage costume jewelry


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