Recent Finds: Dream Find Edition

Last Saturday I went to my first estate auction of the year. It was in a small community center building and didn’t look like much from the beginning. I ended up buying more than I’d planned to and found some really great things. One of the most exciting things I’ve found in ages was a box of stemware that looked like crystal. It all needed to be washed and didn’t look like much just sitting in a box. Once I got it home and washed it I was thrilled to find that 9 pieces had a Waterford mark on the bottom! Waterford crystal is one of my thrifting/estate sale dream finds. I’ve always wanted to find a  set. I compared one of these pieces to the Cristal D’Arques set in my cabinet and the difference is night and day. The Waterford pieces are heavy, carefully cut and have amazing optic qualities. Now that I have a better idea of how it looks and feels compared to other crystal I’m hoping someday I may spot more in the wild.



I didn’t plan on buying a lot of slag glass last weekend but somehow managed to. All of these pieces seemed so unique. The juicer/measuring cup set was especially  interesting and I couldn’t really find anything else like it online.

lot slag glass purple imperial westmoreland owl creamer juicer measuring cup

vintage jewelry rhinestone estate jewelry cabochons

I also bought a small lot of costume jewelry. I’m always attracted to pieces that just drip rhinestones and can’t resist buying them when I see them.

I bought two darling little tiny lockets. The one on the bottom is only 10mm wide.

vintage gold fill lockets

I wasn’t sure what these were at first and thought they may be shoe clips. They’re all quite old and look to be a different type of belt buckle. I can imagine them being the final detail on an elegant 20’s or 30’s dress.



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