I buy, sell and collect a wide variety of vintage goods. I specialize in vintage 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s items with a unique and colorful flair. I love finding vintage clothing that’s still hip, vintage home decor that still lights up any room and vintage jewelry that truly shines. I spend tons of time visiting every estate sale, auction and yard sale in the area to find the best pieces to add to my shop.

I’m a longtime collector of all things groovy and retro. I got started as a kid, tagging along to sales with the family and discovering I loved colorful printed polyester and mid mod kitsch  As I’ve grown I’ve spent years filling my house with timeless furniture and decor. I grew up in a family of antique collectors and pickers and have always loved the aesthetics from decades past.

I take great pleasure in finding the most unique clothing, jewelry and home decor to send to vintage seekers around the globe. I’ve grown to love bargain hunting and as a member of Gen Y can talk for days about nostalgia’s place in the 21st century. What could be a better symbol for our times than the worldwide online search for items discarded by generations past?