Recent Finds: Largest Clothing Haul Ever

Last weekend I found I found a treasure trove of vintage clothing! I went to an estate sale that had close to 10 walk in closets. Just when I thought I was done I found more and more clothing. I found tons of graphic shirts from the 80’s, vintage denim and even swimsuits, coats and more. I’ve been going through it all week and have been thoroughly enjoying getting it all photographed and listed.



Recent Finds: Thrifty Thursday Edition

Thursday was a 12 hour sourcing marathon for me! I started out at a thrift store, went to an estate sale and spent all evening at my favorite weekly auction. I bought some of my favorite things to sell: 80’s clothing, mid century glassware and things from the 90’s that I remember being cool 20 years ago.

I found a great thrift store that had so many clothes from 20+ years ago. I was excited to find some fun printed and embroidered sweatshirts and these 90’s platforms that I would’ve totally rocked in middle school.


Speaking of things I rocked in middle school, I’ve been really looking for 90’s prom dresses lately. I see them fairly regularly and just started trying to sell them a few weeks ago. I love the long lean silhouettes and many shades of velvet.


One of my favorite things about selling vintage now is coming across things I have fond memories of from my childhood and being able to sell them as “vintage”. I can’t say I remember seeing Kazaam but remember hearing about it when it came out. Space Jam I was certainly in love with when it came out and I remember watching Pocahontas on VHS just about every day for a while.

Not to be distracted by more recent vintages I also had my eye out for mid century gems. I love finding Culver brand glasses or those of any other maker who liberally used gold print. I stayed late at my favorite auction to win this set and also found a few little crackle glass pieces.

I also bought 3 bags of these mostly 80’s vintage coal mining stickers. I love stickers and other ephemera and bought these to sell but also to enjoy looking through.

Vintage Coal Mining StickersVintage Coal Mining StickersVintage Coal Mining StickersVintage Coal Mining Stickers


Recent Finds: Dream Find Edition

Last Saturday I went to my first estate auction of the year. It was in a small community center building and didn’t look like much from the beginning. I ended up buying more than I’d planned to and found some really great things. One of the most exciting things I’ve found in ages was a box of stemware that looked like crystal. It all needed to be washed and didn’t look like much just sitting in a box. Once I got it home and washed it I was thrilled to find that 9 pieces had a Waterford mark on the bottom! Waterford crystal is one of my thrifting/estate sale dream finds. I’ve always wanted to find a  set. I compared one of these pieces to the Cristal D’Arques set in my cabinet and the difference is night and day. The Waterford pieces are heavy, carefully cut and have amazing optic qualities. Now that I have a better idea of how it looks and feels compared to other crystal I’m hoping someday I may spot more in the wild.



I didn’t plan on buying a lot of slag glass last weekend but somehow managed to. All of these pieces seemed so unique. The juicer/measuring cup set was especially  interesting and I couldn’t really find anything else like it online.

lot slag glass purple imperial westmoreland owl creamer juicer measuring cup

vintage jewelry rhinestone estate jewelry cabochons

I also bought a small lot of costume jewelry. I’m always attracted to pieces that just drip rhinestones and can’t resist buying them when I see them.

I bought two darling little tiny lockets. The one on the bottom is only 10mm wide.

vintage gold fill lockets

I wasn’t sure what these were at first and thought they may be shoe clips. They’re all quite old and look to be a different type of belt buckle. I can imagine them being the final detail on an elegant 20’s or 30’s dress.


Recent Finds: Dogwoods and Vintage Duds

I’ve been lucky this week to find two great estate sales. I’d been gearing up for auction season to start up again and went to my first auction of the new year this weekend too. I was happy to find a few really cool pieces like this wonderful Wilendur tablecloth. I don’t find nice table cloths often and have never spotted a Wilendur in the wild. This one not only has the original tag but comes with 6 matching napkins. It fits a good sized table and is such a vibrant shade of red!

vintage wilendur tablecloth dogwood print red with tag



I’ve always got my eye out for unique vintage clothes and this weekend I was not disappointed. This ladies polyester jumpsuit with sailor collar looks like it was tailor made for my mannequin. It doesn’t look like it’s been worn much at all and would be truly perfect for a night of disco dancing.


I also found a few other vintage 70’s items like this flowy dress from a printed sheer fabric and this darling little red shirtwaist.

vintage 70's red cotton dressimg_0689




Recent Finds: Ice Storm Edition

Last Thursday I went to an estate sale and a few thrift stores with my mom. We left in the morning when it was breezy and a nice warm 68 degrees outside. As we were walking into our second thrift store the winds suddenly changed and started blowing cool air. During the hour long drive home the temperature dropped 20 degrees and ice was forming my morning. Luckily I found a few good things to list to keep me busy on that icy day.


I love vintage chalkware and thought these had such an iconic mid century look I just couldn’t pass them up. I think they’d look really cool in a red 50’s kitchen.


I love old bakelite and have a habit of buying bakelite items even if I don’t know what they are. This CDR rotor had such a cool art deco look to it I thought it could be used for decoration alone.


And of course I always have an eye out for unique vintage jewelry.


vintage costume jewelry

Recent Finds: Dry Spell Edition


With the weather getting cold and the last month being eaten up by holidays there haven’t been many auctions or sales here lately. I’ve been sitting in my office dreaming of auctions past. What a lovely summer it was! It looks like I’ll have another couple weeks free from estate auctions so I’m getting through my inventory backlog. At one of the best auctions I went to this fall I bought about 20 lamps. I love buying and selling lamps but it’s taken me a while to get all these cleaned up and ready to list.





This lamp was one of my favorites. It’s a pretty standard mid century lamp but shade is just too interesting. It has an outer wicker shade but inside it has this darling fiberglass shade with printed butterflies.


This lamp was also a favorite of mine. It might be the oldest one I’ve found so far. It’s made of a cast metal with these beautiful Art Nouveau flowers on it. When it sells to someone with the time to fix it up it should be totally stunning.


And of course I’ve never been able to pass up kitschy mid century lamps. This one with the rooster is about as kitschy as it gets!


Recent Finds: Everything Edition

It’d been a few weeks since I’d done much sourcing but I hit the auctions hard last weekend! I went to a weekly consignment auction and an absolutely fabulous estate auction. It was one of those auctions that seemed to last all day. I was only able to leave once we’d filled the car and even then there were more things I would’ve liked to have bought.

Among the highlights from that auction were 20 lamps I brought home (photos of those to follow in another post), a ton of vintage NOS towels and sheets, several small sets of melmac dishes, and more random vintage items than I can even list.

I bought an entire laundry basket full of vintage 60’s and 70’s towels. They’re all different designs and colors and most interestingly of all, they’ve all got the original tags on them.

Colorful vintage bath towels

Speaking of over the top and brightly colored I found the most groovy vintage purse! It’s made by Midas of Miami and is dripping with beads and gold glitter detail. I researched the maker some and found they made a variety of completely off the wall purses such as giant wicker animals. That’s something I’ll have to be on the lookout for in the future.


I’m always looking for things that would look smart in a home office. I got lucky this weekend and found two different sets of Royal Haeger bookends! One set has the original sticker and the other one took some research to identify.  I also found another art deco desk lamp (this one will need a bit more cleaning up than the last one) and a unique black glass ashtray with a little bakelite Washington monument on the top.




This darling vintage metal typewriter has dials and buttons that can be played with.


Another thing I’m always on the lookout for are vintage tumblers. I thought these had about the most atomic design of any I’ve seen. There’s 8 of them and I know someone out there has a home bar just calling for them.


I found both of these at another one of those cold November yard sales. The shoes and purse just screamed to me. They look so much like something one of my Barbies would have worn circa 1994. The hat (also circa 1994) has never been worn and still has the cardboard insert in it. The commercials with those frogs are still seared somewhere deep in my brain and now I have the hat to prove it.


Recent Finds: November Yard Sale

I am so excited today because I finally found a piece of Dansk enamelware! It’s been on my thrifting bucket list for ages. I’ve never come across a piece for sale for much under full value. I ran across a few pieces at an auction about a year ago and stayed all night to bid on them, only for them to go for close to retail price.

I went to a few yard sales today and found this piece at the very last yard sale I went to, about a 30 minute drive, way out in the woods. I almost gave up following the 10 or so signs pointing down little winding roads but I’m glad I didn’t. As tempted as I am to sell this piece, it’s likely it’ll find a home on my counter next to my orange and white Cathrineholm.



Recent Finds: kitsch-a-palooza

Last weekend I went to the estate sale of the year! It rained most of the day and was just cold enough to make standing outside for hours pretty uncomfortable. The sale had so much good stuff I had to really try not to buy more than I could get home. It always seems that the best estate sales are an hour + away, making buying more than a car load impossible. Still I stayed and bid all day and ended up winning everything I wanted to buy (and even more groovy random finds).

The first thing I saw walking up to the sale was an amazing collection of vintage lamps. I’ve been wanting to find some with original fiberglass shades for a long time. Not only did I find a stunning pair of those, but also found a super kitschy chalkware lamp with venetian shade, retro beehive lamp and a bakelite art deco lamp.

vintage lamps fiberglass venetian chalkware beehive bakelite

I usually keep all the lamps I have for sale on my dresser until they sell. My dresser is getting mighty crowded after last weekend!


Another quite groovy thing I found was this vintage picnic set. It’s made of a bright yellow plastic and all manages to fit in this cute little carrying case. It doesn’t look like its ever been used!

I haven’t been finding as much jewelry lately but found some really cute pieces at this sale.


My biggest find was fabric. The sale had box after box after box of vintage fabric of all types. I’m particularly attracted to unique retro prints and bold colors. I bought around 60 pieces of vintage fabric and still haven’t gotten to sort it all.



Recent Finds: 60’s and 70’s edition

Somehow I managed to have two fantastic yard sale days this weekend! I don’t know why (it certainly hasn’t cooled off yet here) but there were yard sales all over the place. I went to a large community wide sale and then spent 4 hours going to sales in 2 nearby towns. By the time I got home it looked like the 60’s/70s  had exploded in my car.

yard sale haul

Two of the most unique things a I found today are this little crumb catcher and brooch, both with bakelite. Until today I never knew there were actual items called crumb catchers that served that specific purpose. I should’ve known that housekeepers of the past had a better method than sweeping crumbs into the floor and then sweeping the floor. The little brooch I almost didn’t buy because of the damage on the metal but it was just too unique to pass up.

I’m always on the lookout for unique vintage Christmas items. Today there were several vendors that had boxes and boxes of random Christmas items. I always take the time to dig through the mismatched tinsel and greenery to find the real gems. Today I found these cute plastic wise men ornaments and some glass clip on bird ornaments. I don’t know that most of the birds are very old but they’re certainly classic.

vintage plastic christmas ornaments

vintage glass bird clip on ornamentsold vintage glass bird clip on ornament