Recent Finds: kitsch-a-palooza

Last weekend I went to the estate sale of the year! It rained most of the day and was just cold enough to make standing outside for hours pretty uncomfortable. The sale had so much good stuff I had to really try not to buy more than I could get home. It always seems that the best estate sales are an hour + away, making buying more than a car load impossible. Still I stayed and bid all day and ended up winning everything I wanted to buy (and even more groovy random finds).

The first thing I saw walking up to the sale was an amazing collection of vintage lamps. I’ve been wanting to find some with original fiberglass shades for a long time. Not only did I find a stunning pair of those, but also found a super kitschy chalkware lamp with venetian shade, retro beehive lamp and a bakelite art deco lamp.

vintage lamps fiberglass venetian chalkware beehive bakelite

I usually keep all the lamps I have for sale on my dresser until they sell. My dresser is getting mighty crowded after last weekend!


Another quite groovy thing I found was this vintage picnic set. It’s made of a bright yellow plastic and all manages to fit in this cute little carrying case. It doesn’t look like its ever been used!

I haven’t been finding as much jewelry lately but found some really cute pieces at this sale.


My biggest find was fabric. The sale had box after box after box of vintage fabric of all types. I’m particularly attracted to unique retro prints and bold colors. I bought around 60 pieces of vintage fabric and still haven’t gotten to sort it all.




Recent Finds: 60’s and 70’s edition

Somehow I managed to have two fantastic yard sale days this weekend! I don’t know why (it certainly hasn’t cooled off yet here) but there were yard sales all over the place. I went to a large community wide sale and then spent 4 hours going to sales in 2 nearby towns. By the time I got home it looked like the 60’s/70s  had exploded in my car.

yard sale haul

Two of the most unique things a I found today are this little crumb catcher and brooch, both with bakelite. Until today I never knew there were actual items called crumb catchers that served that specific purpose. I should’ve known that housekeepers of the past had a better method than sweeping crumbs into the floor and then sweeping the floor. The little brooch I almost didn’t buy because of the damage on the metal but it was just too unique to pass up.

I’m always on the lookout for unique vintage Christmas items. Today there were several vendors that had boxes and boxes of random Christmas items. I always take the time to dig through the mismatched tinsel and greenery to find the real gems. Today I found these cute plastic wise men ornaments and some glass clip on bird ornaments. I don’t know that most of the birds are very old but they’re certainly classic.

vintage plastic christmas ornaments

vintage glass bird clip on ornamentsold vintage glass bird clip on ornament


Recent Finds: all clothing edition


I haven’t had a whole lot of luck at yard sales lately and it’s getting close to the end of yard sale season. I’d just about given up for the year. I wasn’t even looking for yard sales today but found two fabulous ones today while running errands. It was such a successful trip that I had to run to the ATM twice to buy all the amazing things I found.

My favorite is this wool Bobbie Brooks 2 piece dress. The top laces up the front and is paired with a cute button front skirt. I can just imagine how groovy it looked when originally worn.

I love mod 60’s fashion and was excited to find several shift dresses. I love the simple design and silhouette. And the thick polyester knit would certainly keep you warm on an early fall outing.

Vintage 60's shift dresses


I found something today I don’t think I’ve ever seen before: vintage uniform dresses. This vintage uniform dress, made by Angelica is made from a thin, crisp polyester. It has some lovely tuck detailing, small pocket and holes sewn under the arms. I’d be interested to learn what profession this lovely yet functional dress was designed for.



Finders Keepers: another living room lamp

One of the few frustrations I have with my house is its lack of light. A few rooms have gone 100+ years without ever having had overhead lights installed. I know there’s a ideal number of floor, table and swag lamps that will create a warm glow and fill the space with light. I haven’t hit that ideal number yet, but am up to 5 lamps in my living room and may need to stop soon.


Today I stopped at a little antique shop that almost always has good lamps. I found this adorable vintage lamp with original fiberglass shade that looks a bit like an old oil lamp. It’s just the perfect blend of faux antique and mid century modest to complement my house’s eclectic mix of styles.


vintage lamp with fiberglass shade turned on vintage wall paper


Finders Keepers: oddball finds

I always have a hard time going to a large sale and not buying a few things for myself. This weekend I found this amazing vintage cat paint by numbers. I have no idea what’s going on in the background but the cat looks like a total boss. I just need to find a frame for it and it’ll be going on my office wall with all the other odd art I’ve found.

I also found these 80’s style glass mugs with jets on the sides. Two of them have 22kt gold printing. There’s a FA-18, an AV-8B and a F-15E. I just loved their totally badass 80’s aesthetic.


Vintage Design Inspiration: Memphis Group

There’s a certain aesthetic I’ve been interested in for a while and never knew much about. It’s the look you see on crazy colorful 80’s textiles and in the lines, shapes colors of the 90’s Taco Bell restaurant décor. It’s something that seems delightfully retro to me, having grown up when it was still in fashion.


A collection of objects from the Memphis Group


The style began in 1980 with architect and designer Ettore Sottsass who formed a design collaborative in Milan. The designers and architects who founded the Memphis group coined the name while listening to Bob Dylan’s “Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again”. The group drew inspiration from Art Deco and Pop Art and even 1950’s kitsch. The works of this group feature bold colors, strong lines and geometric shapes. The aesthetic dishes a delightful blend of nostalgia and kitsch futurism. The style was strange when first conceived but popular in the 90’s. The look is instantly recognizable and is seeing a resurgence as vintage design from the 80’s and 90’s is hot once again.

Vintage 80's Textile Design Memphis Style

Vintage fabric with Memphis inspired design

Recent Finds: Christmas in September edition

It’s been a bit rainy so far this weekend but I managed to make it to a wonderful estate sale and a few yard sales.

The estate sale I went to had a whole room in the basement full of Christmas things (which I never would have found if my mom hadn’t pointed me in that direction). The few things I bought were quite well hidden, tucked under shelves in a dark corner. I bought a box of old Christmas lights, including a strand of bubble lights. I’ve always been interested in bubble lights but this is my first time finding them.

I also found an entire box of putz houses! That’s right, an entire village, complete with snow. Again, it was hiding in a box, in a dark corner. Some of the putz houses will need some fixing up before I can list them, but I should have plenty of time to get them listed before the holiday season is in full swing.

img_8003Collection of vintage putz houses complete putz house villageCollection of vintage putz houses complete putz house village