Recent Finds: Largest Clothing Haul Ever

Last weekend I found I found a treasure trove of vintage clothing! I went to an estate sale that had close to 10 walk in closets. Just when I thought I was done I found more and more clothing. I found tons of graphic shirts from the 80’s, vintage denim and even swimsuits, coats and more. I’ve been going through it all week and have been thoroughly enjoying getting it all photographed and listed.



Recent Finds: Thrifty Thursday Edition

Thursday was a 12 hour sourcing marathon for me! I started out at a thrift store, went to an estate sale and spent all evening at my favorite weekly auction. I bought some of my favorite things to sell: 80’s clothing, mid century glassware and things from the 90’s that I remember being cool 20 years ago.

I found a great thrift store that had so many clothes from 20+ years ago. I was excited to find some fun printed and embroidered sweatshirts and these 90’s platforms that I would’ve totally rocked in middle school.


Speaking of things I rocked in middle school, I’ve been really looking for 90’s prom dresses lately. I see them fairly regularly and just started trying to sell them a few weeks ago. I love the long lean silhouettes and many shades of velvet.


One of my favorite things about selling vintage now is coming across things I have fond memories of from my childhood and being able to sell them as “vintage”. I can’t say I remember seeing Kazaam but remember hearing about it when it came out. Space Jam I was certainly in love with when it came out and I remember watching Pocahontas on VHS just about every day for a while.

Not to be distracted by more recent vintages I also had my eye out for mid century gems. I love finding Culver brand glasses or those of any other maker who liberally used gold print. I stayed late at my favorite auction to win this set and also found a few little crackle glass pieces.

I also bought 3 bags of these mostly 80’s vintage coal mining stickers. I love stickers and other ephemera and bought these to sell but also to enjoy looking through.

Vintage Coal Mining StickersVintage Coal Mining StickersVintage Coal Mining StickersVintage Coal Mining Stickers