Recent Finds: Dry Spell Edition


With the weather getting cold and the last month being eaten up by holidays there haven’t been many auctions or sales here lately. I’ve been sitting in my office dreaming of auctions past. What a lovely summer it was! It looks like I’ll have another couple weeks free from estate auctions so I’m getting through my inventory backlog. At one of the best auctions I went to this fall I bought about 20 lamps. I love buying and selling lamps but it’s taken me a while to get all these cleaned up and ready to list.





This lamp was one of my favorites. It’s a pretty standard mid century lamp but shade is just too interesting. It has an outer wicker shade but inside it has this darling fiberglass shade with printed butterflies.


This lamp was also a favorite of mine. It might be the oldest one I’ve found so far. It’s made of a cast metal with these beautiful Art Nouveau flowers on it. When it sells to someone with the time to fix it up it should be totally stunning.


And of course I’ve never been able to pass up kitschy mid century lamps. This one with the rooster is about as kitschy as it gets!



Finders Keepers: another living room lamp

One of the few frustrations I have with my house is its lack of light. A few rooms have gone 100+ years without ever having had overhead lights installed. I know there’s a ideal number of floor, table and swag lamps that will create a warm glow and fill the space with light. I haven’t hit that ideal number yet, but am up to 5 lamps in my living room and may need to stop soon.


Today I stopped at a little antique shop that almost always has good lamps. I found this adorable vintage lamp with original fiberglass shade that looks a bit like an old oil lamp. It’s just the perfect blend of faux antique and mid century modest to complement my house’s eclectic mix of styles.


vintage lamp with fiberglass shade turned on vintage wall paper