Recent Finds: 60’s and 70’s edition

Somehow I managed to have two fantastic yard sale days this weekend! I don’t know why (it certainly hasn’t cooled off yet here) but there were yard sales all over the place. I went to a large community wide sale and then spent 4 hours going to sales in 2 nearby towns. By the time I got home it looked like the 60’s/70s  had exploded in my car.

yard sale haul

Two of the most unique things a I found today are this little crumb catcher and brooch, both with bakelite. Until today I never knew there were actual items called crumb catchers that served that specific purpose. I should’ve known that housekeepers of the past had a better method than sweeping crumbs into the floor and then sweeping the floor. The little brooch I almost didn’t buy because of the damage on the metal but it was just too unique to pass up.

I’m always on the lookout for unique vintage Christmas items. Today there were several vendors that had boxes and boxes of random Christmas items. I always take the time to dig through the mismatched tinsel and greenery to find the real gems. Today I found these cute plastic wise men ornaments and some glass clip on bird ornaments. I don’t know that most of the birds are very old but they’re certainly classic.

vintage plastic christmas ornaments

vintage glass bird clip on ornamentsold vintage glass bird clip on ornament



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